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Miscellaneous Fortran routines for statistical software


Misclib is a library of Fortran routines written (or in some cases adapted) by members of the Section of Computer Science of the Department of Biomathematics in the course of creating statistical software. The work was supported in part by grant CA11672 from the National Cancer Institute. This grant is the core grant to M. D. Anderson Cancer Center.

Briefly, the capabilities of this library include the following:

  • Naming constants such as sixth = 1/6 and stdin=5.
  • Formatting single numbers with a bit more flexibility than is provided by the Fortran edits.
  • Printing according to a template.
  • Prompting and obtaining user answers ??? numbers or values such as yes or no.
  • Calculating complete beta, gamma, and erf functions.
  • Prompt for a file name and open the file.
  • Permute indices for an array so that the permutation yields a sorted array.
  • Lexically analyze a string of characters.
  • Sort a one- or two-dimension array.
  • Find the zero of a monotone function of one variable.
  • Find a maximum of a function of one variable.

The user's manual is available here.

Contact: Barry W. Brown

Language: Fortran 77