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 P12Xuelin_V1.0_.zip  20968 KB C and C++ code, including libraries
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Parallel phase I/II clinical trial design

This package consists of C and C++ code for simultaneously evaluating efficacy and toxicities using a seamless phase I/II design for clinical trials of combination therapies.
This computer code is in support of the publication:
“ A parallel phase I/II clinical trial design for combination therapies. Huang X, Biswas S, Oki Y, Issa JP, Berry DA. Biometrics, 63(2):429-436, 2007. ”

A copy of the paper is included. The simulations in the above paper were done in C by Swati Biswas. Her C code is collected in the (uncompressed ZIP) folder showing her name. After the paper was published, Dr. L. Wooten wrote a C++ program for the simulation and implementation of another real trial (other than the one mentioned in the paper). That C++ program is also included here. For a general combination trial, some modification is needed to use the above programs.

System Requirements for the C++ code (Phase12Xuelin.sln)

  1. Microsoft Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP1, or Windows 7
  2. Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 compiler
  3. Also, please see the file called BuildMe.txt