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Phase I-II dose-pair-finding based on utilities of 4-level ordinal efficacy and toxicity

U2OET is a Windows command line program implementing the dose-pair-finding method described in detail in the paper “Parametric Dose Standardisation for Optimising Two-Agent Combinations in a Phase I-II Trial with Ordinal Outcomes”, by Thall, Nguyen, and Zinner  (Journal of the Royal Statistical Society - Series C, 2016).

This is an extension of the method previously described in the paper “Utility-Based Optimization of Combination Therapy Using Ordinal Toxicity and Efficacy in Phase I/II Trials”, by Houede, Thall, Nguyen, Paoletti, and Kramar (Biometrics, 2010).

Please read these papers carefully before using this computer program.

A preprint of the papers may be obtained by contacting Peter Thall.

This computer program was written by Hoang Nguyen using Visual C++.