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 anovaddp_1.0.tar.gz  943 KB Source code for all platforms
 anovaddp_1.0.zip  468 KB Windows binary
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This software implements Bayesian inference for the ANOVA DDP model described in De Iorio, M., Mueller, P., Rosner, G., and MacEachern, S. An ANOVA Model for Dependent Random Measures, Journal of the American Statistical Association, 99(465), 205–215 (2004). The ANOVA DDP model is a model for repeated measurements data. The random effects distribution includes a regression on subject-specific covariates.

The user documentation can be found here and is also included in the distribution.

Two versions of the R package are provided. The package anovaddp_1.0.tar.gz includes the source code for Linux, OS X, and Windows platforms. In addition, a binary version for Windows (anovaddp_1.0.zip) is provided since most Windows users would not be expected to have the compiler installed in order to build the R package. Requirements and instructions for building the R package from source code on Windows are included in the source distribution.

The user can supply their own curve for the non-linear regression by replacing regressione.cpp in the src directory and then proceeding with the installation.