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 CONFINT_V2.0.zip  1056 KB Source code, documentation, and executables for Mac and Windows
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Sample size calculation for confidence intervals


This program performs calculations of the probability that a specified one-group study (specification includes sample size) will produce a
confidence interval (CI) of at most a particular length. It also calculates the sample size necessary to achieve a desired such probability.

Includes Macintosh (Intel and PowerPC) and Windows executables.

CONFINT15 will perform calculations for

  • One-sample binomial
  • One-sample Poisson
  • Mean of the One-Sample Normal
  • SD of the One-Sample Normal
  • Hazard of One-Sample Exponential Survival Distribution
  • Mean survival of the One-Sample Survival Distribution


Software written by Barry W. Brown.

Language: FORTRAN 90