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Double Precision Statistical Tables


STATTAB calculates the cumulative distribution functions, inverses, and values of parameters for the statistical distributions listed below.

  • Beta
  • Binomial
  • Chi-square
  • Noncentral chi-squared
  • F
  • Noncentral F
  • Gamma
  • Negative Binomial
  • Normal
  • Poisson
  • Student's t
  • Noncentral t

STATTAB can also produce tables of any one calculated item as a function of a specified list of values of another item.

If an integer valued quantity is being calculated (e.g., the number of successes in a binomial trial), the calculation is performed by embedding the discrete distribution in a continuous one (the binomial is a special case of the incomplete beta). Answers for both the continuous value and the surrounding integers are provided.

Contact: Barry W. Brown

Language: Fortran 77