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bCRM: Bivariate Continual Reassessment Method

The bCRM is based on the algorithms given in the following two papers:

  • Goodman, S.N., Zahurak, M.L., and Piantadosi, S. "Some Practical Improvements in the Continual Reassessment Method for Phase I Studies." Statistics in Medicine, 14(11):1149-1161, 1995.
  • Braun, TM. "The Bivariate CRM: Extending the CRM to Phase I Trials of Two Competing Outcomes. Controlled Clinical Trials, 23, 240-255, 2002.

The application user guides are available below:

The installer and application require the Java runtime v1.4.2_01 which is bundled with the download.

bCRM is the product of the collective efforts of the following people from Tessella:

Geraint Lloyd
Robert Nelson
Nick Battam
Tom Parke
Alistair Culf
Stephen Joyce.