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Two-Agent Toxicity-Based Dose Finder

ToxFinder v1.1.0

This software is based on the methology described in "Dose-Finding with Two Agents in Phase I Oncology Trials" (Peter F. Thall, Randall E. Millikan, Peter Mueller, and Sang-Joon Lee. Biometrics 59, 487-496, 2003.

The application user guides are available below:

A number of examples based on the gemcitabine-cyclophosphamide trial discussed in the paper cited above have been produced and are included in the download.

The installer and application require the Java runtime v1.4.2_01 which is bundled with the download.

This software is the product of the collective effort of the following people. From M. D. Anderson:

From Tessella:

  • Nick Battam
  • Alistair Culf
  • Stephen Joyce
  • Robert Nelson
  • Tom Parke