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Version 2.1, Last Modified Date: 10/5/2012

Toxicity Probability Intervals

This software implements the method described in "Dose-Finding in Oncology Clinical Trials Based on Toxicity Probability Intervals" by Yuan Ji, Yisheng Li, and Nebiyou Bekele. This application uses a Microsoft Excel macro to produce a table that can be used to conduct the trial. An Excel addin and macros are also provided to perform simulations, as well as R scripts for generating both the table and performing simulations.

The addin operates in Microsoft Excel 2010 or 2007, running under Windows 7.

screen shot of trial conduct table in Excel

Please note that to run the software as an Excel macro, your macro security must be set to "Medium" or "Low". To do this, open Excel, click on Tools, select Macro from the drop-down list, and click Security. Set the security level to "Medium" or "Low" in the pop-up window by clicking the button in front of the desired level. Once you have selected your desired security level, click OK and close Excel. You are now ready to open this macro. Once the macro is opened, a smiley-face icon will appear in the toolbar. Clicking on the icon will run this macro. If your security level is already set to "Medium" or "Low", the smiley-face icon will appear automatically. See the mTPI_ReadMe.doc document in the zip file for additional instructions.

See the manuscript describing the method: A Modified Toxicity Probability Interval Method for Dose-Finding Trials by Yuan Ji, Ping Liu, Yisheng Li, and B. Nebiyou Bekele.

Software developed by Yuan Ji and Richard Herrick.