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Version 2.0.2, Last Modified Date: 4/19/2012


Stopping boundaries for simple Time-to-event monitoring

Thall, Wooten, and Tannir explore safety monitoring for single-arm phase II trials with time-to-event outcomes in [1]. TTEConduct is a Windows application which generates the stopping boundary table for such trials as described in [2].

TTEConduct was developed and released before TTEDesigner. Now that TTEDesigner has been released, there is less reason to use TTEConduct since the former produces the same output table as the latter. However, TTEDesigner solves for the cutoff trial parameter based on desired operating characteristics. If you want to create a table of stopping boundaries for a cutoff value that you specify directly, you will need to use TTEConduct.

See the TTEConduct user's guide for more details.

Clift Norris and Mike Swaim developed the user interface for TTEConduct using C#. John Cook developed the statistical calculations using Visual C++.


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  2. John D. Cook. Continuous safety monitoring in single-arm time-to-event trials without software. MDACC technical report UTMDABTR-006-05.