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Version 3.0, Last Modified Date: 11/22/2013

Parameter Solver

This application will solve for the distribution parameters of a random variable given either two quantiles or the mean and variance. The supported distribution families are

  • Beta
  • Gamma
  • Inverse Gamma
  • Log normal
  • Normal
  • Weibull

This software is included as a utility inside Inequality Calculator, Adaptive Randomization, and Multc Lean.

What's New in Version 3.0

  • Now uses the Microsoft .NET Framework 4 for greater stability
  • Occasionally sends usage statistics and crash reports to our biostatistics software support team to improve your experience using the software


  • Windows 7
    (other Windows versions may be compatible but this has not been tested)
  • Administrative permissions may be required to install Parameter Solver depending on the chosen installation location.
  • The following packages will be installed if they are not present:
    • Microsoft .NET Framework 4
    • Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 x86 Redistributable 10.0.40219
    • Microsoft Windows Installer 3.1
  • To view the the Parameter Solver user's guide a PDF file viewer (not included with the software) such as Adobe Reader (available for free here) must be installed.
  • To follow the "Send feed back via email" link in the Help -> About window, an email client such as Microsoft Outlook (not included with the software) must be installed.

ParameterSolver Screenshot

For more information, see the Parameter Solver user's guide included with the download distribution. See also Determining distribution parameters from quantiles for theoretical background.

J. Kyle Wathen and Hoang Nguyen developed the user interface using C# and the Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1. The user interface now uses Microsoft .NET Framework 4.

John Cook implemented the numerical algorithms using Visual C++.