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 2018-11-05 BOIN Design Desktop Program Bayesian Optimal Interval (BOIN) design for phase I trials to find the MTD for single-agent and drug-combination trials, as well as trials with late-onset toxicity.
 2018-10-25 CRM Suite Programs for CRM, BMA-CRM, DA-CRM phase I dose-finding clinical trials
 2018-10-02 One Arm Time to Event Simulator Design and simulate One-Arm Time-to-Event clinical trials using a Windows GUI
 2018-09-28 Inequality Calculator Calculate the probability of one random variable being larger than another
 2018-04-10 Adaptive Randomization Outcome-adaptive randomization for clinical trials
 2018-02-26 BMA CRM Dose-finding software using the Bayesian Model Averaging Continual Reassessment Method, including Data Augmentation
 2017-11-03 EffTox Phase I/II dose-finding based on efficacy and toxicity
 2016-06-28 UAROET Phase I/II dose-finding with utility-based adaptive randomization and ordinal efficacy and toxicity.
 2016-04-25 CATBUB Design Categorical Outcome Utility-Based Designs for Randomized Comparative Clinical Trials with Discrete Outcomes (formerly called 'BUB Design')
 2016-04-20 U2OET Phase I-II dose-pair-finding based on utilities of 4-level ordinal efficacy and toxicity.
 2015-09-23 WFMM Wavelet-based functional mixed model software
 2015-02-12 Beta Binomial Distribution Demo A learning tool to demonstrate a beta-binomial distribution prior being updated to become a posterior distribution
 2014-08-27 Pinnacle A method for detection and quantification of protein spots from 2-D gel electrophoresis images.
 2014-04-01 Predictive Probabilities Predictive probability interim analysis of clinical trials
 2013-11-22 ParameterSolver Solve for distribution parameters for common distributions
 2013-07-25 Multc Lean Monitoring toxicity and efficacy in phase II clinical trials
 2013-01-09 Bayes Factor Binary A Bayesian hypothesis test-based method for clinical trials with single arm binary patient outcomes
 2012-12-11 TTEDesigner Software for designing single arm safety monitoring trials with time-to-event endpoints
 2012-10-05 Toxicity Probability Intervals Dose-finding based on toxicity probability intervals
 2012-06-06 BlockARAND Block adaptive randomization
 2012-05-25 Bayes Factor TTE Monitor single-arm time-to-event trials using Bayes factors
 2012-05-03 Multc99 Monitoring multiple outcomes in clinical trials
 2012-04-19 TTEConduct Tabulate stopping conditions for single-arm time-to-event safety monitoring
 2011-12-02 CONFINT Calculates requisite sample size to achieve a specified probability of a confidence interval of at most a specified size.
 2011-12-02 EXTSIG Exact p-values for 2 by 2 tables
 2011-12-02 SEQBIN Bayesian/frequentist designs for sequential/group-sequential trials of a single binomial parameter
 2011-01-12 Misclib A collection of Fortran routines used in writing statistical software.
 2010-10-22 STPLAN Double-precision study planning calculations
 2010-10-15 Parallel phase I and II design C and C++ code for simultaneously evaluating efficacy and toxicities using a seamless phase I/II design for clinical trials of combination therapies.
 2010-10-15 Phase II Predictive Probability Computes the stopping boundaries for the predictive probability design of a single-arm Phase II study with a binary endpoint.
 2010-10-06 CiBolus Software for Optimizing the Concentration and Bolus of a Drug Delivered by Continuous Infusion
 2010-05-28 SYNERGY Determines the interaction of two drugs as synergy, additivity, or antagonism
 2009-11-11 Response and Survival Software associated with an adaptive randomization method using short-term and long-term response.
 2009-08-12 ESS Regresssion R software for computing the prior effective sample size of a Bayesian normal linear or logistic regession model
 2009-02-19 Proportional density Estimation and inference under semiparametric proportional density model
 2009-01-06 Dose Schedule Finder Design and conduct Phase I clinical trials that simultaneously optimizes dose and schedule.
 2008-08-18 CI of Interaction Index Estimate interaction indices and their confidence intervals for assessing multiple drug interactions
 2008-05-08 BP1CI Computes Clopper-Pearson confidence intervals for one-sample binomial and Poisson
 2007-04-03 PRT Monitors late-onset toxicities in Phase I trials using predicted risks
 2007-04-02 ANOVA DDP Software for the ANOVA DDP model of De Iorio, Mueller, Rosner, and MacEachern.
 2006-08-15 Bayesian Chi Square TTE fit This software uses the Bayesian chi square test to evaluate goodness of fit for seven common models for right-censored time-to-event data.
 2006-07-18 CRMSimulator Toxicity-based dose-finding using the Continual Reassessment Method
 2006-06-21 STATTAB Double precision statistical tables
 2005-10-30 ToxFinder Dose-finding in a clinical trial using a combination of two agents
 2005-10-12 bCRM Bivariate extension of the CRM
 2003-11-20 PerfectMatch Affymetrix microarray analysis tool
 2003-05-02 MULTINOMPOW Power of the exact test for a one-sample multinomial distribution
 2003-04-03 TDTASP Power and sample-size for the TDT and ASP tests
 2003-02-25 CDFLIB90 Library of routines for cumulative distribution functions, their inverses, and other parameters
 2003-02-24 ONESAMPLE Confidence interval and tests for one-sample binomial and Poisson
 2003-02-06 ACCFLF Accelerated failure time model with log-F distribution
 2003-01-28 KSBIN2 K-stage two-sample binomial
 2003-01-17 KSBIN1 K-stage binomial, one sample
 2003-01-15 SPPCR Allele frequency estimation from small-pool PCR data
 2002-09-27 RANDLIB Library of routines for random number generation
 2002-09-10 EXPSURV Exploratory survival
 2002-08-23 RANLIST Randomization lists
 2002-03-19 AOCURR Analysis of covariance, comparison of slopes and intercepts
 2002-03-19 DRDIST Calculates statistical tables
 2002-03-19 EVENTCHART Event chart for time-to-event data
 2002-03-19 GOFCHI Calculates the chi-square goodness-of-fit test to a set of frequencies
 2002-03-19 INTEGRATE Numeric integration code for S-PLUS.
 2002-03-19 INVMF Routine to numerically invert a monotone function
 2002-03-19 KWRANGE Calculates a multiple range test for a Kruskal-Wallis one-way analysis of variance by ranks
 2002-03-19 P1WAY Calculates a one-way analysis of variance from means and SDs supplied by the user
 2002-03-19 P2WAY Calculates a two-way analysis of variance from means and SDs supplied by the user
 2002-03-19 RANGE2 Calculates a multiple range test for a one-way analysis of variance
 2002-03-19 STUKEL Stukel's generalizations of the logistic link function
 2002-03-19 TRAX Transformation of axes
 2001-07-23 SORTF90 Sort contained FORTRAN 90/95 routines in alphabetic order
 2001-04-30 CUMINC Cumulative incidence analysis
 1999-06-04 CUMNOR Cumulative normal (Gaussian) distribution for extreme arguments
 1999-03-02 MUHAZ Nonparametric Hazard Estimation
 1999-02-19 CRM Continual Reassessment Method (CRM) for dose-finding in phase I clinical trials
 1998-09-23 BPHASEII Bayesian boundaries for phase II monitoring
 1997-12-05 BLIP One-dimensional distribution plots
 1997-11-25 SOGS Simulation of genotype selection
 1997-10-14 BERDS Backward elimination via repeated data splitting
 1997-09-02 ASYPOW Computes asymptotic power or sample size for nonlinear models
 1997-08-12 SINGLE Single-stage designs for logistic regression when parameter values are uncertain
 1996-04-03 MULTI Corrections for multiple hypothesis tests
 1995-10-23 FLECS90 Fortran language extended control structures to FORTRAN 90
 1995-03-23 CID2BP Confidence intervals on the difference between two probabilities
 1994-02-10 KSB1CI k-stage binomial one-group confidence intervals
 1992-03-19 CTA Contingency table analysis
 1991-03-22 WINDOWS Windowed estimate code in FORTRAN and S-PLUS
 1991-03-19 SURVAN Survival analysis