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Continual Reassessment Method (CRM) For Dose-finding In Phase I Clinical Trials

CRM version 1.0 is a menu-driven command-line computer program which implements the Continual Reassessment Method (CRM) for dose-finding in Phase I clinical trials. It is designed for use by physicians, research nurses and statisticians. It provides a means to log in patients as they are accrued to the trial, to record their outcomes from treatment ("toxicity'" or "no toxicity'"). The program selects doses for successive cohorts of patients based on the current data using the Bayesian method underlying the CRM.

The CRM was originally proposed by O'Quigley, Pepe and Fisher in 1990 in the paper cited below. The documentation accompanying the package also contains a fairly complete bibliography.

A simplified version of the CRM called CRM Simulator is also available from this download site. The CRM Simulator retains the most commonly used features of the original CRM and has a Windows user interface.

Also, investigators interested in finding an effective dose and not just a moderately toxic dose may be interested in the EffTox dose-finding method.

This software was developed by John Venier.


O'Quigley, J., Pepe, M. Fisher, L. (1990) "Continual reassessment method: a practical design for phase I clinical trials in cancer." Biometrics 46, 33-48.

Language: Fortran 77